Reverend Zenobia Conkerite

Ordained Interfaith Minister and Wedding Officiant

Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister

My name is Rev. Zenobia and I am an ordained Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister who has officiated at a variety of interfaith, interdenominational, intercultural, same-faith and humanist ceremonies. I am based out of New Mexico.

I am known for my spiritual ceremonies, religious and not.  Solemn or sacred, playful and romantic, whatever your vision, I can be a great resource to you. I am ordained in an Interfaith, non-denominational tradition that honors all faiths, traditions and rituals. I enjoy what I do!

What I love about officiating ceremonies and weddings is that I get to bring people together through heart-opening expressions of love, each with their own unique traditions, beliefs and life experiences.

I have joined together in partnership many interesting couples: a Japanese Shinto Buddhist to a Puerto Rican, Cuban Catholic, a non-religious Columbian to a Belgian couple, an Italian Yoruba Priestess to an African American Christian, Jewish to Christian, Jewish to Muslim and more.  Some couples come to the union with children from earlier relationships with a deep longing in their hearts to be united as one blended family.

What is Interfaith?

We have beliefs that are not the norm; “interfaith” is not a religion. It is the peaceful coming-together of more than one religion.  We believe we are all strengthened by the presence of those unlike ourselves.

We celebrate the good qualities of each faith and try to live the positive lessons they teach.  It doesn’t mean we believe all religions are basically the same; we know that some of the basic tenants of many of our world religions are in direct rebuttal of other religions, and they are all unique and different.  But there are also many teachings that overlap, and our challenge is to cherish the best each have to offer, and to create more harmony and understanding in the world through our understanding of each other.

Together we can create a ceremony that is perfect for you. We can incorporate rituals important to you, whether or not they come from your own family’s culture.  Creating your ceremony will be the most important step you may ever take to express your love and commitment to each other in the presence of friends and family.

We will make it a Divine experience. Let’s have fun!

Email me (505) 307-6893

This Marriage:
May these vows and this marriage be blessed.
May it be sweet milk, this marriage, like wine and halvah. May this marriage offer fruit and shade like the date palm.
May this marriage be full of laughter, our every day a day in paradise.
May this marriage be a sign of compassion, a seal of happiness here and hereafter. May this marriage have a fair face and a good name, an omen as welcomes the moon in a clear blue sky. I am out of words to describe how spirit mingles in this marriage.
- Rumi